Broken Blurb and Cover Reveal

Hi everyone!  I have been doing a lot of writing of late and Free Rein 7 is being edited for release in December. I thought I’d share with you the blurb for the next book in the Free Rein series, and the cover which has recently been completed! Broken Hannah is devastated to learn that […]

Free Rein Book #7 Complete

November already!  So my goal has been to complete Free Rein book #7 by the end of October.  And I can honestly say that I achieved this!  Close to a week before the end of October I completed the last words of the seventh Free Rein book – yay! The book is to be titled […]

Free Rein Book Covers

Because this site is an amalgamation of my two previous sites, there is some content I need to reshare!  So this information was on a page on the Free Rein site.  I thought I would put it into a blog post here 🙂 — I thought it would be good to share a little bit […]

Free Rein Series – A Television Show

So! It seems that the free rein series is getting a lot of search results at the moment. I would love for that to be because my book series has been discovered by a lot of new readers, but it seems there is a new television show with the same name! The show Free Rein […]

Horse Country Excerpt – Introducing Geordie and Hannah

My apologies that I don’t have another Free Rein excerpt to share with you at this point in time! I am working on the seventh book in the Free Rein series, but it’s in lots of little paragraphs currently. This isn’t conducive with sharing an excerpt! I was thinking however, perhaps you’d be interested to […]

Contagious Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the sixth book in the Free Rein series, Contagious. Kate took in the droopy ears of Captain and a runny nose. The fluid wasn’t the clear colour it should be, but instead was a yellowish-green colour. Being cautious, she grabbed a thermometre to check his temperature. Standing to the side of […]

A Dollar Goes a Long Way Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the fifth book in the Free Rein series, A Dollar Goes a Long Way. Sunday morning the King family headed off to church. As had become routine, Geordie joined them. Jacqui happily headed out to kids church with her redheaded friend, thinking once again how nice it would be if Hannah […]

Learning to Fall Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the fourth book in the Free Rein series, Learning to Fall. Hannah entered the classroom and sat down opposite Jacqui with a large grin. “Guess what?” she asked excitedly. “Is this about another party?” Jacqui asked, unsure. “No! It’s about horses,” Hannah replied, waving impatiently to Geordie as she dawdled into […]

Free Reign Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the third book in the Free Rein series, Free Reign. “Hey, who are they?” Geordie asked of her two friends, looking toward the Genesis driveway. “Who?” Jacqui asked, glancing up to where Geordie was pointing. The young blonde frowned, not thinking they were expecting any more agistees. At least, her mother […]

In Pursuit of a Horse Excerpt

Below you’ll find a piece from In Pursuit of a Horse, book 2 in the series!  If you haven’t read this book yet, you can check out a piece to see what you think 🙂 Jacqui grinned as she trotted along on the little grey pony Prince that Jan had helped to saddle up for […]