Breakover Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from my latest release, Breakover (Thoroughbred Breeders #4).

Breakover (Thoroughbred Breeders #4) by Christine Meunier
Breakover (Thoroughbred Breeders #4) by Christine Meunier

Craig kept his gaze fixed on the road in front of him. It was late in the afternoon and he had finally managed to get away from the Jenkins home.
That was after a hearty meal, desert and two more rounds of coffee and tea. All he wanted to do was go home and sleep.
Or drive out to Nev’s and see Savannah. I definitely don’t want to be doing this.
“Thanks again for offering to drive me back to Lynbrook. I really appreciate it,” Katie said from beside him in the car.
Craig had only been able to get out of the Jenkins’ house after agreeing to escort Katie back home. He wondered how she had gotten there in the first place.
I assume she drives? She is old enough…
Although he wasn’t keen to spend any more time with Katie, Craig knew there was no way he was getting out of the Jenkins’ home without their grand daughter in tow.
Craig shrugged in response to Katie’s comment, keeping his eyes on the road ahead.
“No worries. I guess you start early tomorrow?” he asked, knowing he couldn’t be rude.
“Half past six like usual. It always comes around so quickly!”
Craig nodded in response, pulling into the second driveway on the farm. He knew the staff quarters were off to the right, while the stallion area and holding yards were down to the left. He hadn’t been to this part of the farm before.
And I don’t want to be here now.
With relief Craig pulled up out the front of a house, leaving the car idling. Katie had indicated that the first building was where she lived.
“Would you like to come in for a drink?” Katie offered, undoing her seat belt.
Craig felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise in warning.
No way.
“I think I’ve had more than enough drinks this afternoon! I really should get going, I’ve got a bit to do before work tomorrow,” he responded staring straight ahead and hoping the decline came out politely.
When Katie didn’t reply he turned his gaze to her.
Why isn’t she getting out of the car?
“I really had a nice afternoon, Craig. Maybe we could catch up again without the oldies,” she said, smiling at him as she leant forward to stroke his arm.
Craig shook his head.
“I don’t think that would be such a good idea, Katie. Your grandparents truly are lovely but I am not-”
Craig found himself cut off when the brunette woman leant forward and kissed him. He froze, amazed at her forward nature. A second later Craig pushed her away, none too gently.
“Katie, I have no interest in pursuing something physical with you. Goodbye.”
The brunette considered him in the shade of the car for a moment before getting out of the vehicle and slamming the door shut. Craig let out a relieved sigh.
He didn’t wait to see that she got inside the house safely. Instead he quickly turned his car around and headed off the property at the designated 20 kilometres per hour.
I don’t think I can drive quicker just because I want to get away from that woman!
Craig was thankful when he hit the bitumen road and was able to pick up speed. As he made his way back into town and to his home, he thought of Savannah.
I have to tell her. I have no idea if she wants anything from me other than friendship, but I can’t let her hear about this from Katie.
He frowned as he considered how to tell her.
I can’t just text her. But can it wait until Tuesday? And even then, will I get a chance to talk to her or will she be doing medications again?
Craig sighed, tapping his hand on the steering wheel impatiently.
“What do I do? I don’t know what to do.”

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