Be Ready to Improve Your Horse Books

This statement goes for books in general – and probably a lot of other areas in our lives!  I believe it’s really important as an author to be ready to improve your horse books.  I have gotten into a habit of leaving a little statement at the end of my books to encourage readers to contact me if they spot any inconsistencies/errors.

Be Ready to Improve Your Horse Books |
Be Ready to Improve Your Horse Books |

In this way, I am in a position to review them and correct – if I feel it is necessary.  At the end of the day, the decision is yours.

I have received a review about the order in which the saddle and bridle are put on horses.  The reader disagreed with me from their side of the world.  This is perfectly ok.  But I chose not to change the information within my book as the order I put is what we’re taught here in Australia.  I chose to stay with that.

Recently I contacted an author about an inconsistency I found.  She was so thankful for the heads up and rewarded me with more books in that series to read for free – yay!  And she made the correction to the book in question.

Likewise, I have recently been in a position where a reader has pointed out an incorrect fact with regards to books of the bible in my Free Rein series.  Boy was I thankful for the message from her!  It allowed me to update the book in question within 24 hours in the electronic version.  She was rapt to find that she got the updated version on her Kindle, too and didn’t have to purchase an updated copy.  Surely you have to love that about the digital age!

The added bonus of responding quickly to my reader and fixing the issue she spotted is it resulted in a higher rating/review.  I can relate to that, too.  If I find incorrect information in a book, it bothers me!  Especially if it’s horse information and the book is for younger readers.  They often learn most about horses through the fiction they read.  It really is important as a horse book author to be ready to investigate mistakes others may have found.  Then it’s your choice what you do with it.

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