Prioritising as a Self-Published Horse Book Author

I have recently finished writing the seventh book in the Thoroughbred Breeders series to be titled Grace.  It has become a practice for me to finish a book, ignore it for 2 weeks and then to reread it.  I create my books, design their covers (except for my debut novel Horse Country, though I took the photo on the cover) and I edit my books before self publishing.

A lot, huh?  Perhaps this seems like a control issue.  Or maybe it seems a lack of delegating ability!  At the end of the day, my books, their look and content all comes down to me.  And I’m ok with this.  But at times, I find it a struggle to determine what to prioritise first.

Prioritising as a Self-Published Horse Book Author |
Prioritising as a Self-Published Horse Book Author |

For example, now at the end of March I have just finished a book (2 weeks ago, so it’s due for a reread and edit).  I am in the middle of 2 other books that are half and three quarters done.  I also have other blogs to stay on top of and other writing gigs I take part in.  A lot is going on – and I love it this way!

But on a (rare) evening where I have time to relax and write, I am questioning my first priority.

Is it to work on one of the two novels that I hope to finish at the end of April?  Or is it to edit my recently finished book?

I have opted for the second.  At the end of the day as an author, it’s great to write whenever you can!  But, if you have a book that is complete but requires something else from you before it’s available to your readers, work on this!  Once your book is published, at least you know it’s up there for others to discover and enjoy.  Then you can continue with your next great masterpiece.

I would go so far as to say writing the story is the most time involving aspect.  But don’t forget all the other bits that allow your book to be put on a publishing platform before your readers.  They’re just as important to the end result.  Stay tuned for news of Grace available for purchase in the near future!  You can choose to follow me on Amazon to be notified of new releases or sign up to my author list (top right of this site).