Non Fiction

Christine works hard to incorporate fact into her novels.  That said, she has also released some non fiction horse books.

52 Steps to Kick-Start Your Equine Career
Designed to be carried out each week of the year, this booklet provides 52 tips to help you to kick-start your equine career. It is targeted at those wanting to be proactive about their horse career.

Broken into 52 activities, it aims to help you market yourself, increase your skills and knowledge and let others know about your equine product or service.

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Equine Passive Income Streams
This book specifically covers passive income streams that are horse related. They are broken down into the categories of no financial output required, minimal financial output required and greater financial output required.

Passive income is money that is earned without you having to actively work to earn it. You put in the initial work, for example write a book – and then the product is available for sale and able to consistently bring in money although you have finished creating the product.

20 different equine passive income streams are considered as well as varying platforms to be able to get them started. Examples of what is covered in this book include horse books, equine photography and horse related domains.

Setting SMART goals relating to starting your own passive income is also covered. Those interested in generating passive income related to the horse should buy this book.  Click the image to buy at Amazon.