Insular – My July CampNano Project

It’s close to the end of June as I put this piece together and I wanted to keep you up to speed on my writing projects.  As I explained in a post back in May:

“I have also started a Christian story for adults.  It will explore three different classes of people within society and how man made rules and preconceived ideas can result in a very unjust world!  So perhaps a little deeper than I usually write, but I promise there’ll be romance involved, too 😉  I am not yet sure if this will be one novel or built into a trilogy.”

Insular – My July CampNano Project |
Insular – My July CampNano Project |

I am leaning towards turning this novel idea into a trilogy.  The plan is to finish all three and then release them over 3 consecutive months for readers.

Although I had hoped to work on my children’s books aimed at primary age readers with the focus on the Fruit of the Spirit, it seems that the above mentioned adult novel has taken on a life of its own!  I’m not great when it comes to planning a book; I find that often they write themselves and I just work to keep up when the ideas flow!  This seems to be happening for my new Christian trilogy idea that I plan to name Insular.

So at the end of June with CampNano coming up in July I have decided to focus the month on penning (typing? ;)) as much of this story as I can, whilst it is flowing freely.  Recently I have had a lot of time to think and write due to some unforseen circumstances in my life.  I am grateful for the chance to have given the outline of this story quite a bit of thought.  And I have also had an idea for book covers!

Let’s consider the accountability side of things.  Now that this post is live and CampNano is well and truly in action, why not give me a prod and ask how I’m progressing with these plans? 😉

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