Horse Books by Christian Authors

I’ve touched on this being a niche area in the horse book world, but realised I should be putting together a post to point you toward other writers that combine these two aspects in their stories!  So let’s take a look at some Horse Books by Christian Authors or those that highlight God in them alongside horses.

Horse Books by Christian Authors |
Horse Books by Christian Authors |

The ones below may be standalone novels where the features of Christianity and/or horses don’t apply in other books by the same author.  But there are some that are a series with these two aspects continuing throughout.

  1. Lauraine Snelling is perhaps the first author I became aware of who combines her Christian faith with horses.  Be sure to check out the High Hurdles and Golden Filly series.  She has plenty of other Christian novels that feature horses in them, though the equine aspect isn’t always as strong.
  2. Mark Littleton – I have a read a book by Mark titled Tracks in the Sand.
  3. Cara Whitney – recently I was made aware of a devotional that featured horses titled Unbridled Faith.  I am sure it is worth checking out!
  4. Lynn Baber has a Christian non fiction book that ties in lessons she’s learned with her horses and how these can relate to her faith.  It’s titled Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace.
  5. Nancy Rue – Horse Crazy Lily is a book for early teens that features horses and the Christian faith.
  6. Vicki WatsonRosie and Scamper is perfect for the middle grade reader and features the Christian faith and horses heavily.
  7. Tamera Alexander – To Win Her Favor is an adult book with a big focus on horses – racehorses in particular – and the Christian faith.  I have read this novel numerous times and enjoy it immensely.
  8. Esther Weaver – The Amish Horse Whisperer is a quick and easy read with a focus on horses and God 🙂
  9. Ann Hunter has written the North Oak Series for teens.  I have read the first three books in this series and loved the God focus in the first; though felt it waned in the following.  That said, I haven’t read future books and so cannot say if this picks up again.
  10. Liz Isaacson – Third Time’s a Charm is a Christian romance for adults featuring horses.

So here’s 10 different authors covering younger readers, older readers, fiction and non fiction.  And they are all with a Christian/God and horse aspect!  If you want to check out all the books along this theme that I have come across, you may like to follow my Christian Horse Books board on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Horse Books by Christian Authors

  1. I’ll have to check a few of these out. Some other non-fiction Christian horsey authors I really enjoy are Rebecca Ondov, Kim Meeder, and Amber h. Massey.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I love Kim Meeder’s books and should have thought to include them! I have read one of Amber’s and really enjoyed it – thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to check out Rebecca Ondov 🙂


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