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Christine has written standalone novels for adults that feature horses.  She also started the Thoroughbred Breeders series in 2016, which focuses on the thoroughbred stud world and the farriery industry.

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Standalone Novels

B and B by Christine Meunier
B and B by Christine Meunier

Things are changing…

Ben likes his life at Happy Trails.  As a trail guide on a property in Australia he doesn’t have to work hard to make friends.  All he needs to do is make sure his clients are safe on their horses and have an enjoyable ride.
Ben can manage that.  He loves that he can work with horses all day, every day.  The humans are an added annoyance but he only has to deal with them in short bouts.
The new cook hired for the farm looks like she could be a complication.  Ben is averse to change and he is certain her arrival means change.

Brooke knows the trial position as cook at Happy Trails is a blessing.  She needs a job to support herself and her daughter – the fact that she can cook for an income is an added bonus.
If she can just avoid the interest of trail guide and jokester Jake, she’ll be fine.  After all, she isn’t interested in a new male in her life.  She just wants to focus on her daughter and make a future for them.


Horse Country

Horse Country - A World of Horses by Christine Meunier
Horse Country – A World of Horses by Christine Meunier

Follow Lise and Wes as they work their way around North East Victoria, Australia in the seasonal world of breeding thoroughbreds. Horse Country follows the seasons of the Thoroughbred industry and what the day to day of working on a stud could look like.

A few hours away, Maddie and Melanie are working hard in their parent’s metropolitan riding school, teaching others about horse riding and care of the horse. From the nervous first time rider, to the child who wants to run fast and jump high, the young women shape lessons to suit the individual.


Thoroughbred Breeders Series

New Blood (Thoroughbred Breeders #1)

New Blood (TB #1) by Christine Meunier
New Blood (TB #1) by Christine Meunier

Savannah Reynier is doing exactly what she wants in life.  After finishing a horse breeding course she has landed a job and been working on a thoroughbred stud for the past year.
Her days are made up of looking after mares and foals, witnessing births and helping to breed horses.  Plus, one day a week she holds horses for the farrier men who come to trim the horses’ feet.
Savannah has sworn she won’t date farriers – not ever again.  Not after Jackson.
So what is she to do about the new apprentice in town?  With an attractive frame, gorgeous smile and green eyes Savannah knows she’s already in trouble.  Add a clever mind to the mix and she knows she needs to stick to her resolve.  But looking never hurt anyone, right?

No Hoof, No Horse (Thoroughbred Breeders #2)

No Hoof, No Horse (TB #2) by Christine Meunier
No Hoof, No Horse (TB #2) by Christine Meunier

Craig Pieters is enjoying his new role as a farrier.  It sure makes a nice change from long hours, dealing with emergencies and being on call.  He’s also coming to like the small town that he works in and around.
Travelling mainly to thoroughbred properties he is given the chance to meet a lot of the locals – mainly young women who work on the studs.  Although Craig isn’t looking to add a further complication to his two part time jobs and study, one pair of blue eyes distracts him.
Why is it that the one person who has drawn his interest seems to show no sign of reciprocation?  Craig knows it’s better to focus on his career goals and getting established in the town.  However, he can’t help but be drawn to the dark haired woman who challenges him to think about what he does and why.

Recessive (Thoroughbred Breeders #3)

Recessive (TB #3) by Christine Meunier
Recessive (TB #3) by Christine Meunier

Savannah Reynier isn’t sure how she should classify her relationship with Craig Pieters.  They’re not dating but she’s keen to spend as much time with him as possible.  As she learns about his beliefs, that desire increases.
November proves to be a busy month at work for Savannah.  The days fly by as she celebrates the Melbourne Cup, deals with a damaging storm and turns a year older.  All the while Savannah is learning more about horses and breeding; more about the South African man who has come into her life.
As Craig helps her to increase her horse knowledge and challenges her to live out her faith, Savannah finds herself wanting more than friendship.  But after Jackson, is she willing to make herself vulnerable again?

Breakover (Thoroughbred Breeders #4)

Breakover (TB #4) by Christine Meunier
Breakover (TB #4) by Christine Meunier

Qualified veterinarian Craig Pieters is finishing up the first year of his farriery apprenticeship.  He’s getting lots of practical hours under his belt and the idea for a podiatry practice is building.
He sees a genuine need for his expertise in the country area of Victoria where he works and lives.  The plans for his career seem to be falling into place.
Now if only he can get things on track with Savannah Reynier.  The fact that she shares his passion for horses and his faith is beyond appealing.  Craig knows if he can get her to agree to go out for dinner he can at least broach the subject of a relationship.  However, finding the time amongst yearling preparations, Savannah’s study and horse sales may prove to be too much.

Focus (Thoroughbred Breeders #5)

Focus (TB #5) by Christine Meunier
Focus (TB #5) by Christine Meunier

Savannah Reynier is finding life a little overwhelming.  Between work and a busy yearling sale preparation, taking on an extra subject at uni and her budding relationship with Craig, she is finding it hard to focus.  Fitting in her faith seems difficult too as she isn’t making time to reflect on what is important.
A sermon at church helps her to reassess her priorities.  When an opportunity arises for her to focus purely on her study for a few days, she jumps at it.
This chance to study uninterrupted raises the question of what is important to her in life.  A classmate unknowingly opens a can of worms when she assumes that Savannah wants more from life than she currently has.  Is the young woman settling?  Should she be aiming higher?

Yearling Sales (Thoroughbred Breeders #6)

Yearling Sales (Thoroughbred Breeders #6) by Christine Meunier
Yearling Sales (TB #6) by Christine Meunier

Craig isn’t looking forward to the yearling sales.  However, he is looking forward to their end.  Once the sales have passed he will be taking Savannah out for their first date.  Until then, he’s killing time.

With TAFE starting back up, he is pleased to have a distraction in the form of corrective work on horses’ feet.  When work provides practical opportunities to test out the theory sessions, he is further pleased.  The fact that an old university classmate ends up lecturing one of his classes and wants to catch up helps to further pass the time.  Craig isn’t sure that it’s helping his reputation with his boss, though!

Between fist fights at the TAFE facility, trying to gain Savannah’s attention whilst working and taking an attractive vet out for dinner, will he land himself in trouble?

Grace (TB #7) by Christine Meunier
Grace (TB #7) by Christine Meunier

Grace (Thoroughbred Breeders #7)
Savannah is amazed by the bombshell that her sister has dropped.  Almost as surprising is their parents’ reaction to it.The joy of a potential relationship with Craig is suddenly overshadowed by an incredible feeling of responsibility toward her sister Keira.  As Savannah works to do what she feels is right, she questions why her parents aren’t exercising the grace that Keira so obviously needs.

Everyone makes mistakes and they need to be accountable for their actions.  In spite of this, Savannah knows that a great part of her faith is the ability to afford grace to others, so why aren’t her parents living out this part of their belief?