Excerpt from Upcoming Thoroughbred Breeders #7

Thoroughbred Breeders Series | ChristineMeunierAuthor.com
Thoroughbred Breeders Series | ChristineMeunierAuthor.com

Hi everyone!

I am currently working on the seventh book in the Thoroughbred Breeders series and thought it could be nice to give you a sneak peak excerpt from the novel!  So here’s a little from the first chapter:

Saturday morning passed quickly.  Savannah rose with her alarm, had breakfast and headed out to feed the horses.  She almost would have forgotten about her weird evening the day before, if it hadn’t been for the annoyed groan at her 6.30 alarm on a Saturday morning.  With a wry grin she’d glanced at the half asleep figure in the top bunk before going about her usual routine.

By eleven the farm had been fed, the Adelaide sales horses exercised and brushed and their boxes mucked out.  Savannah had time to herself until the three o’clock feed run and yearling check.  Normally she’d anticipate some study time – or even catching up with Craig, but she couldn’t quite see that happening today.

She entered her bungalow, pleased to note that Keira had gotten up, dressed and had breakfast.

“What are you planning to do today?” she asked her younger sibling as she sat down on her bed.

Keira shrugged.

“You’re working all day?”

“Not for another four hours.”

“Oh… maybe we could sit outside and talk a bit?” Keira suggested, surprising Savannah.

She nodded and lead the way back outside.  They sat on the front lawn, watching the sale horses frolic in individual yards.  Savannah was thankful Nev was ok with Keira staying but she knew it couldn’t go on for long.

I need to find a way to get through to mum and dad.

She had let them know about Keira staying with her and although they’d acknowledged the call, they hadn’t wanted to talk about the situation.  As the two young women were watching the horses a familiar car came down the road and turned into the driveway.  When Craig stepped out of the car, Keira turned to her in question.

“Who’s that?”

“Craig,” Savannah responded, not knowing what to tell her sister exactly.

He’s the guy I’m kind of dating… well, we’ve kissed and I haven’t told him what I want.

Craig walked over to the pair, a familiar smile on his lips when he caught Savannah’s gaze.  He quickly turned his attention to Keira and gave her a small smile.

“You must be Savannah’s sister,” he said, sitting down with the two women.

“What gave that away, genius?” Keira asked sarcastically, earning a slap from Savannah.

“Definitely not your response.  You don’t have a mouth on you like your sister,” Craig quipped, earning a smirk from Keira in return.

“I like you.  Do you work here too?”

Craig looked around.

“In a way.  Let’s say I’m contracted to work here.  I come and trim the horses’ feet, more often than not on a Tuesday.”

“Today’s not Tuesday,” Keira said, a question in her tone.

“Bright, aren’t you?” Craig responded with a grin, causing Savannah to smile.

“Do you want children, Craig?” Keira asked suddenly.

Craig’s raised eyebrows indicated the surprise Savannah felt.

Where on earth did that come from?

“In time, yes.  What about you?”

“Yeah, I’d like to have children.”

“Plural.  Not just one?” the South African man questioned her.

Keira thought about this for a moment and shrugged.

“I guess it would make sense to have one first and see how that goes.  You can never know if you would like more until you experience it first, ey?”

“Wise words.  You can’t learn about having children from a book and no matter what people tell you, you have to experience it for yourself.”

Keira nodded.

“I think I’ll have a girl first,” she mused to herself.

Savannah snorted, thinking it amusing that Keira talked as if she got to decide the gender herself.

“There’s a lot I could teach a girl,” she continued, lost in thought.

“Like what?” Craig prompted softly.

Savannah turned her gaze to him, not sure what to make of the sudden conversation.

“We’re only human and we make mistakes.  It’s important to forgive people.  Most importantly we need to learn to forgive ourselves.  Otherwise life gets too hard.  Everyone could do with a little more grace,” she murmured.

The three sat in silence for awhile.  Savannah was surprised by her sister’s admissions and although thankful for the insight, she felt weird having Craig there as a part of what felt like a private conversation.

Not that he knows she’s expecting…

“So it’s not Tuesday.  What are you doing here?” Keira asked bluntly, returning to their previous conversation.

“Providing you with much needed entertainment, it seems.  I came to see if your sister needed a hand with some more study,” he said, his gaze on Savannah.

I doubt I’d be able to get rid of Keira for that and I’m not studying with you to have her breathing down my neck at the same time.

Savannah shrugged and Craig nodded his head, as if accepting her non verbal answer.

“Do you have farrier subjects in your degree?” Keira asked her sister, curious.

Savannah shook her head.

“Craig forgot to mention he’s also a qualified vet.  He’s done a lot of the science subjects I will be doing.”

“Smart and good looking, nice.”

Savannah slapped her sister again.

“What?  Just thinking out loud.  Are you single, Craig?”

Craig coughed, working hard not to smile.

“Because if you are, I think my sister should date you,” Keira continued, ignorant to the embarrassment of her older sibling.

“Ignore everything she says,” Savannah begged of Craig.

He laughed.

“I like how outspoken she is.  It’s refreshing.”

“Perhaps I’ll leave you two to chatter, then.  I think I’ll just get embarrassed,” she responded with a sigh, making to stand.

Craig stood with her.

“Sit back down, Savvy.  Enjoy the afternoon with your sister.  I’ll leave you two, but I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asked.

Savannah nodded.

Absolutely.  And I’ll be dragging Keira with me.

“What’s tomorrow?  Do you have another study date?” Keira asked, watching as Craig made his way back to his vehicle.

“No.  Tomorrow is church,” Savannah told her as the car started up and Craig left the property.

“But I thought you had to work.”

“I do, so I’ll be making use of your help to feed the horses early and then you and I are going to shower, change and make it to the 10 o’clock service in town.”

Keira groaned.

“But it’s the weekend and I’m away from home.”

“That’s right.  You’re currently hiding out with me so you’ll follow my rules.  We start work at 7,” Savannah said firmly, earning a disapproving groan from her teenage sister.

“Fine, fine, Savvy,” came the cheeky reply.

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