Equine Authors Website

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to be able to share details with you of a new project of mine: Equine Authors. I’ve set up another site that focuses on helping horse book authors to develop a book, publish it and promote it.

The site focuses on tools and services that you can use for free to publish and promote your book/s. It also provides a directory of horse book authors with links to their sites and some of their books for sale.

The blog aspect of the site will be made up of short articles that are helpful to establishing authors. They may be how-to articles with regards to setting up an account somewhere – such as on Goodreads as an author. Or the post may focus on good places to find horse stock photos for book covers. These are just a couple of examples.

Equine Authors - the Online Resource for Horse Book Authors
Equine Authors – the Online Resource for Horse Book Authors

Either way – if you have a desire to write a horse book and get it published, I encourage you to check out Equine Authors. You can follow along on twitter @equineauthors and check out the website to see what ideas are there that you may not yet have utilised to promote yourself as a horse book author. From time to time there will also be guest posts from other authors, offering advice or how-to’s.

In time there will also be the opportunity for horse book authors to cross promote each other with a logo and a little bit of coding. Enjoy!