Equine Authors United

It’s a great thing when complimenting businesses work together. They are able to promote for each other and keep customers happy. Some may debate that equine authors are actually competition for each other, but I beg to differ.

Equine Authors United - Which Equine Authors do you Love?
Equine Authors United – Which Equine Authors do you Love?

As an avid horse book reader, I am always up for a new horse story! I love to read my favourite book or series, but I also love to discover new equine authors. I will ready any horse book, given the chance.

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you about some other equine authors. In this way, you can check them out too – if you haven’t already! I am also ending each post with a link and a paragraph to an equine author with the mindset of, equine authors united. There are many of us out there and we want to help cross promote. Let’s look at some other authors of horse books for adults right now!

  1. Natalie Keller Reinert – Natalie writes a lot of horse novels for young adult or adult readers. As a fellow thoroughbred enthusiast, I particularly enjoy reading her books that focus on the racing and thoroughbred breeding world. I find her pieces to be informative as well as entertaining. Some titles include Ambition, The Head and Not the Heart and Claiming Christmas.
  2. Carly Kade – Carly released her debut novel In the Reins in 2015. I was rapt to be contacted about receiving a copy to review on Equus Education. Carly is eager for authors to unite and help promote each other. In the Reins looks at horse ownership and learning how to train, with a focus on western riding.
  3. Amy Elizabeth – Amy has written a trilogy that I am a huge fan of. The first book in the series is Cut and Run. I think I downloaded this for free on Amazon and I loved it. And so, I was rapt when Amy let me know of future free days on Amazon for the follow on books. The books in this series follow an unlikely pair as they work to make a working ranch into a profitable business.
  4. Alyssa Knee – Alyssa recently released her first horse book, a non fictional piece on her story of owning and caring for a lordotic horse. Spike details how she came to first own her warmblood gelding, his conformational issue and the journey they’ve taken so far to inform others about the issue of lordosis and how to best manage it. It was a truly enlightening read for me.
  5. Jane Myers – generally I would say Jane’s books are for adults, but they are technically for any horse owner or carer. Her books are non fiction and focus on sustainable horse keeping. I have read many of her works, such as Managing Horses on Small Properties, Horse Ownership Responsible, Sustainable, Ethical and her recent Horse Riders Mechanics books.

These are just some of the many authors whose works I enjoy reading. Why not check out their sites and see what else they have on offer to horse enthusiasts?

Equine Authors United – Bev Petterson writes realistic horse novels for adults.  Why not check out her books?

2 thoughts on “Equine Authors United

  1. Thank you for including me here in such wonderful company, Christine!
    I agree that when authors band together and support each other anything is possible. I am enjoying your new equine authors resource, too. I read the blog post “4 Places to Add Your Horse Books – Free Websites” and learned so much. I just added ‘In the Reins’ to authorgraph so I can sign ebooks for readers. How cool! Thank you for the tip! Keep up the awesome work.
    All the Best,
    Carly Kade

    1. You’re very welcome, Carly! I’m glad the article was of use to you and I appreciate you giving me an authorgraph! 🙂


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