Life-changing Literary Fiction Group Giveaway

Hi everyone! I was rapt to find a new group giveaway on Instafreebie that Recessive could be a part of.  And this one is a slightly different focus to the previous!  This is a life-changing literary fiction group giveaway. In case you’re not aware, Savannah’s character is from Reunion Island and she now lives in […]

African American Romance Group Giveaway

So Recessive (Thoroughbred Breeders #3) is in one last romance group giveaway for this month!  It runs from October 26 – 31 and comes under the categories of romance and women’s fiction.  As it says on the group giveaway page: This giveaway is for Urban, African American, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance. So my Thoroughbred Breeders […]

Thoroughbred Breeders and Small Town Romance

So!  When I started writing the Thoroughbred Breeders series, I pictured it in a small town.  In fact, I pictured it to be much like the small town in North East Victoria that I worked as a stud hand in.  The place has less than 3,000 people in it and an incredible amount of horse […]

Clean Romance Giveaway

Who’s up for some romance? So if you have had a chance to explore my Thoroughbred Breeders series, you may have spotted that romance is a theme as well as horses!  The books rotate between being written from the point of view of Reunion Island woman Savannah, the thoroughbred stud hand and Craig, our South […]

Recessive (Thoroughbred Breeders #3) in a Group Giveaway

Currently I am sitting at home listening to the rain fall lightly, but steadily outside. As we’re in the middle of spring it is a welcome sound! It has been a relatively dry season and being based in a regional area, I am mindful of bush fires. And generally, I just love the sound of […]

Free Horse Books by Christine Meunier

So October is my month to really promote my two series: Free Rein and Thoroughbred Breeders.  And with that comes the idea of free horse books! So what’s the general idea?  I am making use of Instafreebie to provide one book from each of my horse series for free to download if people sign up […]

Equestrian Horse Book Giveaway!

A quick heads up! I wanted to quickly share that New Blood is a part of an equestrian book giveaway over at Instafreebie.  There are currently 7 horse books for readers available for free download! They may be the whole book, or a percentage of it and to receive a copy free electronically, you may […]

New Blood (Thoroughbred Breeders 1) Free on Amazon!

Hi everyone! To celebrate the release of the first two books in my new series Thoroughbred Breeders, I have made book 1, New Blood free on Amazon from November 24 – 26! This is based on US time, so it’s a little later in the day for those of us in Australia!  Follow the above […]