Breakover (Thoroughbred Breeders #4) on Amazon

Hi everyone!  If you’re not on my email list (pssst… you can subscribe on this page, look for the subscription box on the top right of this page), it may be news to you that the fourth book in the Thoroughbred Breeders series is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

You can click to pre-order it right now!  The book will be delivered to your Kindle on the 17th of this month, US time.  Alternatively, click on the image below 🙂

Another big thanks to wonderful friend and photographer Cait O’Pray for her photo for this cover! And especially thanks to those who took part in helping me choose a cover photo over at Facebook! 🙂  You can head along there and check out the four photo possibilities that were posed for voting.  Some of them I like so much, I think they’ll be making an appearance for future covers!