African American Romance Group Giveaway

So Recessive (Thoroughbred Breeders #3) is in one last romance group giveaway for this month!  It runs from October 26 – 31 and comes under the categories of romance and women’s fiction.  As it says on the group giveaway page: This giveaway is for Urban, African American, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance. So my Thoroughbred Breeders […]

Yearling Sales (Thoroughbred Breeders #6) Live on Amazon

I realised with a start that I haven’t posted on here about my latest release!  I’ve just updated the blurbs and covers on the for adults section of this site, adding in Yearling Sales.  So for those fans of the Thoroughbred Breeders series who aren’t on my mailing list and so haven’t been notified, book […]

Thoroughbred Breeders and Small Town Romance

So!  When I started writing the Thoroughbred Breeders series, I pictured it in a small town.  In fact, I pictured it to be much like the small town in North East Victoria that I worked as a stud hand in.  The place has less than 3,000 people in it and an incredible amount of horse […]

Clean Romance Giveaway

Who’s up for some romance? So if you have had a chance to explore my Thoroughbred Breeders series, you may have spotted that romance is a theme as well as horses!  The books rotate between being written from the point of view of Reunion Island woman Savannah, the thoroughbred stud hand and Craig, our South […]

Recessive (Thoroughbred Breeders #3) in a Group Giveaway

Currently I am sitting at home listening to the rain fall lightly, but steadily outside. As we’re in the middle of spring it is a welcome sound! It has been a relatively dry season and being based in a regional area, I am mindful of bush fires. And generally, I just love the sound of […]

Free Horse Books by Christine Meunier

So October is my month to really promote my two series: Free Rein and Thoroughbred Breeders.  And with that comes the idea of free horse books! So what’s the general idea?  I am making use of Instafreebie to provide one book from each of my horse series for free to download if people sign up […]

Free Rein Book Covers

Because this site is an amalgamation of my two previous sites, there is some content I need to reshare!  So this information was on a page on the Free Rein site.  I thought I would put it into a blog post here 🙂 — I thought it would be good to share a little bit […]

Focus (TB #5) First 5 Star Review

Book 5 in the Thoroughbred Breeders series titled Focus has received it’s first review recently.  I was delighted to see that it was a 5 star review!  This was further exciting for me with the first words in the review: As enjoyable as always. It’s great to know as an author that people enjoy reading […]

Horse Book Bundles

Hi everyone and welcome to the new site,!  I am combining details from my Free Rein series website and Horse Country website so that all of my writings can be found in the one place. My biggest news with regards to releases is that I have published 2 horse book bundles recently, with the […]

Equestrian Horse Book Giveaway!

A quick heads up! I wanted to quickly share that New Blood is a part of an equestrian book giveaway over at Instafreebie.  There are currently 7 horse books for readers available for free download! They may be the whole book, or a percentage of it and to receive a copy free electronically, you may […]