A Group Giveaway: MG/YA Books and Horse Books

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share quickly about a group giveaway that I’m taking part in.  This giveaway has books for middle grade and young adult readers.  Some of them are even horsey! So if you’re up for some free books and the chance to explore new authors, I encourage you to head along to […]

Be Ready to Improve Your Horse Books

This statement goes for books in general – and probably a lot of other areas in our lives!  I believe it’s really important as an author to be ready to improve your horse books.  I have gotten into a habit of leaving a little statement at the end of my books to encourage readers to […]

Free Digital Books

I just wanted to share about a guest post of mine that is found over at Motherhood Melbourne.  As a mother of two young children who is based in Victoria and an entrepreneur, I was able to share about my business – and free books!  Who doesn’t love free digital books? Of course, they’re even […]

Excerpt from Upcoming Thoroughbred Breeders #7

Hi everyone! I am currently working on the seventh book in the Thoroughbred Breeders series and thought it could be nice to give you a sneak peak excerpt from the novel!  So here’s a little from the first chapter: — Saturday morning passed quickly.  Savannah rose with her alarm, had breakfast and headed out to […]

Writing what you Know

I love to read horse books that are interesting and factual.  It’s entertaining to read stories that are fiction by authors who have a great imagination.  And it’s also great to read a horse book that teaches you something. There are many authors that I have read who have taught me something as I’ve read […]

The Thoroughbred Breed

I’m sure there are no rules about what you post on your blog as an equine author, but I thought I’d share a little bit about my favourite breed of horse.  And while I’m at it, I might ask: what’s yours?  Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite breed/s of horse or pony […]

Broken, Free Rein #7 Released

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be able to finally share that Free Rein series book 7 is now live on Amazon.  The book is titled Broken and you can purchase it via this link. Not yet know what it’s about?  Here’s the blurb again: Broken Hannah is devastated to learn that she may lose her […]

Broken Blurb and Cover Reveal

Hi everyone!  I have been doing a lot of writing of late and Free Rein 7 is being edited for release in December. I thought I’d share with you the blurb for the next book in the Free Rein series, and the cover which has recently been completed! Broken Hannah is devastated to learn that […]

Free Rein Book #7 Complete

November already!  So my goal has been to complete Free Rein book #7 by the end of October.  And I can honestly say that I achieved this!  Close to a week before the end of October I completed the last words of the seventh Free Rein book – yay! The book is to be titled […]

Life-changing Literary Fiction Group Giveaway

Hi everyone! I was rapt to find a new group giveaway on Instafreebie that Recessive could be a part of.  And this one is a slightly different focus to the previous!  This is a life-changing literary fiction group giveaway. In case you’re not aware, Savannah’s character is from Reunion Island and she now lives in […]