The Insular Trilogy and Non Fiction Writing

Hi everyone!  I am rapt to have book number one of the Insular series edited and ready to go for publishing.  I just need to get the covers designed!  I have been sourcing appropriate images for the covers of this trilogy.  I have a general idea in my mind, I just hope my (lack of) […]

July Camp NanoWriMo a Success!

So now that we’re in September and the glorious spring season here in Australia, I wanted to be able to share with you about my writing goal for the month of July. As you would be aware if you read this blog, I had set myself a goal to pen the 3 books of the […]

Australian Horse Term: Yard

I have been working on a group project with some other equine authors.  For a completed horse story that I had written, one of the women asked me about my use of the term yard.  For me, a yard is a very typical thing within the Australian equine industry!  So I wanted to explore the […]

Horse Books by Christian Authors

I’ve touched on this being a niche area in the horse book world, but realised I should be putting together a post to point you toward other writers that combine these two aspects in their stories!  So let’s take a look at some Horse Books by Christian Authors or those that highlight God in them […]

Insular – My July CampNano Project

It’s close to the end of June as I put this piece together and I wanted to keep you up to speed on my writing projects.  As I explained in a post back in May: “I have also started a Christian story for adults.  It will explore three different classes of people within society and […]

4 Equine Authors that Create Mysteries for Adult Readers

In line with the start of another month, I want to look at another focus area of horse books: equine authors that create mysteries for adult readers.  So below is a list of four equine authors that you may or may not be aware of that fit into this category 🙂 You can also take […]

19 Fantasy Books that Feature Horses

Whether it’s unicorns, a Pegasus or supernatural horses that are able to communicate with people, fantasy horse books can be a great read.  Although the fantasy horse books I have read are in the minority when compared with the other types of books I read, there seem to be a lot out there!  So let’s […]

Future Horse Books by Christine Meunier

I feel that the area of Christian horse books is a niche area, but there are definitely other authors that address these two aspects in their books.  I loved reading (and still enjoy!) books by Lauraine Snelling that feature horses.  That said, I enjoy other books of hers too, even if horses are only mentioned […]

3 Middle Grade Equine Authors to Consider

In theme with my desire to explore and help promote other horse book authors out there, I wanted to take a look at 3 Middle Grade Equine Authors to Consider.  You can find out about 5 Horse Books based in the US for YA Readers at this post. Susan Count has some middle grade books […]

Grace (Thoroughbred Breeders #7) Live on Amazon

Hi everyone! I’m rapt to share with you that Grace (Thoroughbred Breeders #7) has recently gone live on Amazon!  You can purchase your copy here.  Alternatively, all of my books are on Kindle Unlimited so if you use this feature, you can read it free! Here’s the blurb for my latest release: Grace Savannah is […]

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