3 Middle Grade Equine Authors to Consider

3 Middle Grade Equine Authors to Consider | ChristineMeunierAuthor.com
3 Middle Grade Equine Authors to Consider | ChristineMeunierAuthor.com

In theme with my desire to explore and help promote other horse book authors out there, I wanted to take a look at 3 Middle Grade Equine Authors to Consider.  You can find out about 5 Horse Books based in the US for YA Readers at this post.

  1. Susan Count has some middle grade books that are contemporary.  The Dream Horse Adventures books include titles Mary’s Song, Selah’s Sweet Dream and soon to be published Selah’s Painted Dream.  You can visit Susan at http://www.susancount.com/ and get a free horse short story if you sign up to her mailing list!
  2. Mica Ford sets her pony books in the United Kingdom for middle grade readers.  You may like to take a look at New Forest Pony Adventures.  You can check her out online at https://www.facebook.com/Mica.Ford.author/
  3. Michelle Holland takes a look at the topic of rescue ponies in The Adventures of Bella and Emily; she has also written Chelsea: Shelly finds her Dream Pony.  You can visit her site at https://www.michelleholland.co.uk/

Perhaps you love to read horse books of all kinds.  Or maybe you have some young horse fans in your family – middle grade horse books are often full of adventure as well as educational tips with regards to keeping horses and ponies.

Do you have a favourite book or series that fits under the category of middle grade horse book?  Why not reply and tell me about it?  And if you’re an author of a book that fits into this category, I’d love to know about it!

*on a side note, please note that these authors are individuals and the content they share within their books doesn’t necessarily fit in with the ideals/Christian emphasis that I portray in mine 😉

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