19 Fantasy Books that Feature Horses

Whether it’s unicorns, a Pegasus or supernatural horses that are able to communicate with people, fantasy horse books can be a great read.  Although the fantasy horse books I have read are in the minority when compared with the other types of books I read, there seem to be a lot out there!  So let’s take a look at 19 Fantasy Books that Feature Horses.

19 Fantasy Books that Feature Horses | ChristineMeunierAuthor.com
19 Fantasy Books that Feature Horses | ChristineMeunierAuthor.com

Many of these I haven’t read yet, but I have had suggested to me as fitting under this category.  Perhaps you’ll discover some great new reads – and authors! 😉

  • I have really enjoyed reading a couple by Angelia Almos that I downloaded for free on Amazon at different times.  They included Unicorn Keep and Horse Charmer.  These would appeal to teens and adult alike.
  • Angela Dorsey has a great tale for teens in Winter of the Crystal Dances.
  • Roz Marshall has a unique tale in Unicorn Magic.
  • Karen Myers has a 4-book fantasy that is apparently “set in an otherworld version of the Virginia Blue Ridge, with a foxhunting hero (and plenty of horses).”  You can check it out at https://karenmyersauthor.com/books-and-series/the-hounds-of-annwn/
  • Angharad Thompson Rees has a six book set of pony stories for children that feature many magical aspects.  (Adults are sure to enjoy them, too ;))  Witch Hearts by Angharad Thompson Rees is also due to be released this month; why not be one of the first to grab a copy?
  • The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater sounds like a unique tale.
  • Beside Me by Carolyn Henderson has a supernatural thread that runs through the story.
  • Dun Lady’s Jess by Doranna Durgin is one I have yet to read but have loaded on my Kindle!
  • Titans by Victoria Scott

Do you have a favourite book or series that fits under the category of fantasy and features horses?  Why not reply and tell me about it?  And if you’re an author of a book that fits into this category, I’d love to know about it!

*on a side note, please note that these authors are individuals and the content they share within their books doesn’t necessarily fit in with the ideals/Christian emphasis that I portray in mine 😉

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